Digital Marketing for Healthcare - Connecting Audience to Industry Online

December 8, 2020 - CA US


Overview: A brief review of the HIPAA Rules that apply to websites and social media platforms for the Healthcare industry. Simple principles for maintaining compliant websites and social media accounts. Fundamentals of marketing: SEO, messaging, continuity Education on how to find the right experts for creating or improve a healthcare website, including functionality and design. Guidance for hiring effective and ethical digital marketing professionals for branding, blogging and more. Suggestions to select the right social media platforms for specific organizational needs, along with tips to boost performance. Explanation of how to create a content calendar, schedule posts, and automate marketing management for maximum efficiency and analytics-driven results. Why you should Attend: This webinar offers guidance to build and maintain a systematic, affordable marketing effort to meet the needs of your organization within budgetary restraints. Content provides a simple, easy way to use your website and social media to engage patients and providers while maintaining HIPAA compliance. With some basic education in marketing and compliance, webinar attendees will learn how to hire the right vendors, consultants, or develop staff internally for sustainable results.

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