5th Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit

September 26 - 28, 2023 - MA US

Hanson Wade


With the approval of the second-ever KRAS G12C inhibitor, the field can once again celebrate irrevocable proof that RAS is druggable! However, with so many KRAS G12C drugs in clinic, the field is now turning its eyes to the next generation of RAS therapies, specifically those that can target more mutations, more RAS isoforms, and more indications. And so, the 5th RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit arrives as the only industry-dedicated, end-to-end forum to accelerate your best-in-class RAS therapies from conception through to commercialization. As the only industry-dedicated, end-to-end meeting focused on the next-generation of drugs targeting RAS cancers, the 5th RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit will bring together 150+ key opinion leaders to accelerate RAS-targeted drug discovery, advance pre-clinical drugs to clinic, and optimize translational and clinical development. Industry leaders such as Mirati Therapeutics, Revolution Medicines, Amgen, Novartis, Roche and Loxo Oncology@Lilly will deliver technical, data-led clinical updates and workshops on the translational and clinical development track. On the other hand, expect to hear about promising candidates from the likes of BridgeBio, Biotheryx, Pfizer, and Genentech on the early discovery and pre-clinical track. Use this exclusive opportunity to network with the key stakeholders and decision makers of the RAS industry including CXOs, VPs, Senior Directors and Global Leads of Oncology, Translational and Clinical Sciences, Chemistry and Biology as well as key academics and oncologists such as Frank McCormick, Channing Der, Chiara Ambrogio, Andrew Aguirre, Mark Awad and Poulikos Poulikakos.

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