Facilities Featured Articles

  1. Microbial And Biological Decontamination Of Equipment Brings Peace Of Mind

    Conducting microbial testing and biological decontamination of used equipment — before it is placed into service — offers peace of mind to customers who are worried about bringing an outside system into existing aseptic or controlled manufacturing conditions.

  2. Maximizing ROI Through Equipment Liquidation

    How the expertise and resources of a strategic, equipment management partner can optimize your resource recovery when selling equipment.

  3. Prepare For Industry 4.0 And Automation With An Expert Equipment Partner

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing stands on the precipice of a fourth industrial revolution as they evaluate and initiate the transition into "Industry 4.0." 

  4. Five Tips To Ensure Faster Equipment Procurement And Installation

    Used equipment is readily available, cuts lead time for delivery and install, and allows faster product launch.

  5. Preparing For A Transition From Batch To Continuous Processing

    Pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs embarking on continuous processing approaches who find themselves in the position of needing to procure a variety of new kinds of equipment with which they are largely unfamiliar can benefit from partnering with an equipment provider who possesses the necessary expertise and experience to support the critical decisions in this transition.

  6. The Effect Of Shape For The Prediction Of Powder Segregation In Pharmaceutical Solid-Dosage Form Applications

    Avoid inconsistent and even dangerous dosages being tableted by monitoring segregation during the process.

  7. Solving Segregation Effects In Solid-Dosage Form Operations

    Understanding segregation and how it is related to drug development cost is at the heart of solving this issue and is the topic of this article.

  8. Early Detection Of Powder Flowability Challenges In Formulation Development Of Solid Dosage Forms

    Understanding the impact of powder behavior during pre-formulation will ensure clinically effective products and provide critical process knowledge to design an efficient and reproducible manufacturing procedure.

  9. Convey Hazardous Powders Safely In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Consider these seven key parameters when selecting vacuum conveying technology.

  10. Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions on Feeder Accuracy

    An introduction to the principles and practices of bulk solids feeding.