Formulation Development Solutions

  1. Particle Analyzer: Zetasizer Pro And Zetasizer Ultra

    There is no longer any need for users to be light scattering experts, and everyone can perform quick and easy, yet highly accurate experiments.

  2. Ultracentrifuge With Rotor Life Management (RLM) System

    The CP100WX is a general-purpose Ultracentrifuge with outstanding performance up to 100,000 rpm assisting in a wide range of separation protocols in involving proteins, DNA, RNA, metal nano-colloids, and more.

  3. Small Molecule API Brochure

    Ensure that you always have the exact resources and expertise you need, especially for your most difficult to manufacture compounds.

  4. CR22N High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Brochure

    The Hitachi Koki model himac CR22N High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge offers reliable performance with a maximum RCF of 55,200xg and capacity of 6L for bottles, tubes, or microplates. Patented features such as the Automatic Rotor Identification and Rotor Cover Detector make the CR22N the ideal separation tool for multiple research applications involving DNA, RNA, viruses, proteins, and more.

  5. Corporate Overview Brochure

    Nitto Avecia Pharma Services is a premier contract development and manufacturing organization offering a comprehensive range of cGMP services including formulation development, parenteral manufacturing, and a complete package of CMC analytical services for small to large molecules and nearly all dosage forms

  6. Almac - A Unique Culture Delivering Exceptional Solutions

    For 50 years now, Almac has been building a unique culture - a culture of excellence in human health, of unrivalled commitment and of building long-term relationships with our partners across the globe. We invite you to be part of our journey.

  7. Formulation Development And Process Development

    Nitto Avecia Pharma Services is a cGMP contract development and manufacturing organization. Nitto Avecia Pharma Services' experienced and knowledgeable formulation team can reduce product risk and accelerate the drug development process by providing you with the optimum dosage form selection.

  8. Mini Centrifuges: Out-of-the-box Functionality

    The economical and reliable Prism™ Mini is a compact microcentrifuge. Out of the box functionality and simple operation make the Prism™ Mini the ideal personal microcentrifuge to outfit each workstation.

  9. Product/Process Development Services

    Nitto Avecia Pharma Services' in-depth scientific expertise covers a diverse range of products, as well as a wide variety of dosage forms and routes of delivery. Nitto Avecia Pharma Services pre-formulation studies are designed with an anticipated formulation strategy, route of administration, and ultimate formulation configuration in mind. Our formulation experts unite a thorough understanding of your needs along with the data on the physicochemical properties of the compounds to ensure the delivery of a stable and robust product.

  10. Benchtop Laboratory Centrifuges Brochure

    For over 40 years, NuAire, Inc. has provided the life science and medical research communities with valued products that are highly dependable, effective, and efficient.