Liquid Dose White Papers & Case Studies

  1. A Remedy For Humans, A Challenge For Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology

    With demands for their cough syrup is increasing, a company decided to install an additional production line for the safe filling and packaging of cough syrup into glass bottles. With the help of equipment expert Bosch Packaging Technology, they realized a compact turnkey solution with high throughput.

  2. Modular Facility Design: A Cost-Effective Option In The Post-Blockbuster Drug Era

    The pharmaceutical industry has undergone a sea of change in recent years as manufacturers have adapted to the end of the era of large-volume production of mass-market blockbuster drugs. With firms now focusing in on subpopulations of patients, there is a need for lean, adaptable facilities that can switch quickly between multiple products in multiple formats. Modular facilities can meet this need. While not a panacea, for the right project characteristics, ‘Modularity in Design’ can deliver significant and quantifiable long-term value.

  3. How The Extrusion Process Impacts The Quality of Blow/Fill/Seal Products

    A collaborative study involving Cardinal Health, Inc. and Air Dispersions Ltd. has been carried out to further the understanding of the extrusion process and its impact upon the quality of Blow/Fill/Seal product.