Package Inspection White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Metal Detection System Improves Efficiency And Product Safety

    The AuditCheck metal detection verification performance system utilizes an automated test shuttle that moves through the metal detector’s field at user-specified points in time.

  2. Understanding Sensitivity Principles For Industrial Metal Detectors

    This guide explains the concept of metal detector sensitivity, key factors that impact it, and why a small difference in spherical sensitivity performance can mean a big difference in contaminants detected.

  3. How To Properly Test Your Industrial Metal Detector

    This white paper provides an explanation of the differences between validation, verification and routine performance monitoring as well as an overview of recommended test methods for different types of metal detection systems.

  4. Using Laser-Based Headspace Moisture Analysis For Rapid Nondestructive Moisture Determination Of Sterile Freeze-Dried Product

    Rapid water vapor determination with an optical method could replace the slow destructive traditional methods for the moisture analysis of freeze-dried product. A description of industry applications of headspace moisture analysis including freeze drying cycle optimization, lyo chamber moisture distribution mapping, and 100% moisture inspection of commercial freeze-dried product.

  5. Container Closure Integrity Testing For Sterile Vial Products In Deep Cold Storage

    A vaccine-focused biotechnology company approached LIGHTHOUSE to help investigate a phenomenon observed in liquid vaccine product stored at -80°C. During QC testing, a number of vials were found to have an overpressure. This phenomenon represented a serious safety risk and LIGHTHOUSE was asked to support an investigation to identify the root cause.

  6. Non-Invasive Headspace Analysis For Automated Media Fill Microbial Inspection

    Laser-based headspace provides yet another alternative approach for detecting microbial contamination in sterile pharmaceutical product allows for quicker, more sensitive, accurate, and reproducible test results when compared with conventional, growth-based methods.

  7. Headspace Oxygen Monitoring On A Pre-filled Syringe Line Filling Oxygen-Sensitive Product

    This application note describes how laser-based headspace analysis is used for the rapid non-destructive determination of headspace oxygen levels in pre-filled syringes. Data is presented demonstrating two major applications of this technique: 1) headspace oxygen monitoring on a pre-filled syringe line filling oxygen-sensitive product, and 2) container closure testing of pre-filled syringes.

  8. Determination Of Moisture Permeation During Product Shelf Life

    How non-destructive headspace analysis information can be critical for QC groups performing stability studies, or for packaging development groups responsible for choosing the optimal packaging.

  9. Lyo Chamber Moisture Mapping

    Rapid non-destructive headspace moisture analysis from LIGHTHOUSE enables fast moisture determination of statistical numbers of lyo samples.

  10. Root Cause Investigation Into A Possible Container Closure Integrity Failure

    In cases where oxidation of the formulation causes discoloration and eventual degradation of the product, non-destructive headspace analysis tests can give deep insight into the root cause. Since the samples are not destroyed by the headspace analysis, further testing can be done to accurately correlate headspace conditions with other product characteristics.