Industry Insights

  1. Designing For Moldability: Undercuts And Through-Holes

    With this white paper, designers can address the challenges of parts that have indentations, through-holes, and other features that don’t point straight up or down.

  2. Developing Effective Lab / R&D Space For Innovation Science

    We need to create spaces that help produce the spark of genius, encourage new ways of thinking and foster collaboration across disciplines.

  3. Digitally Transforming Laboratory Operations

    “Digital transformation” is a common buzzword across industries today, but is it more than just jargon?  Faced by shifting consumer demand, rapidly evolving technology and increasing competition, organizations — to a large extent from science-based industries — are realizing that business as usual (or only incremental change to traditional approaches) does not address today’s challenges in a sustainable, long-term way.

  4. Using Device Strategy To Drive R&D Productivity

    The biopharmaceutical market faces sustained pressure from all sides to develop higher quality products at lower costs. This article delves into the challenges that return on R&D faces, and presents a connected device strategy that has revolutionized the transformation of drug delivery systems and R&D productivity.

  5. Improving Manufacturing Processes With High-Shear Mixing Technologies

    Compared to other agitation devices, the versatile rotor/stator mixer offers better performance in terms of size reduction, homogenization and emulsification of a wide variety of formulations.

  6. Vacuum Conveying – Necessary Evil or Process Champion?

    Read how a well-designed system can enhance a process, eliminate the risk of operator injury and exposure, and ensure product containment – whilst being kept tidy and compact.

  7. The Next Generation Of Bioprocess Engineering: Bringing A Perspective From The Last Two Decades

    The increasing complexity of bioprocess engineering has driven a shift toward cell biology and away from process engineering.  Cell types have become more diverse, the science more complex, and genetic modifications more common, all while products are becoming more targeted and cost effective.   What should we expect to see from industry and academia to keep the field moving forward?

  8. Factors To Consider When Selecting A Pharmaceutical CMO

    Emerging and virtual biopharmaceutical company’s ask themselves whether to outsource production to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) or purchase equipment for in-house manufacturing.

  9. 5 Ways to Streamline Building Manufacturing Systems for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries

    Today’s biotech and pharmaceutical production facilities must drive faster times to market and greater profitability for new products by boosting production yields and accelerating commercialization and scaling of capacity.

  10. How Program Management Streamlines The Introduction Of Track & Trace

    They're multinational, they're multitasking — and they must coordinate a mass of data and decisions if they are to successfully roll out millions of products for worldwide sales. This white paper will detail how a program management system coordinates and manages data of tasks being carried out by all individuals in every department of your company, even those on the other side of the globe.