Industry Insights

  1. How Technology Will Reshape The Future Of Aseptic Processing

    Using new and existing technologies to improve aseptic processing manufacturing may provide the need and opportunity for new approaches to process control and monitoring. 

  2. Guest Column: Powder Characterization For Formulators
    Accelerating product development through formulation into successful manufacture and on to the market place, is an important goal for the pharmaceutical industry. Optimizing the formulation process, and more efficient production are strong themes as revenues come under intense pressure. By Tim Freeman, Freeman Technology
  3. How Will New Trade Agreements Impact The Biopharma Industry?

    The Trump administration’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs highlighted foreign governments “freeriding” off of American investment in innovations.

  4. Are There Business Benefits To Serialization Beyond Compliance?

    This may seem a complex question to answer as you begin your serialization journey. It is difficult to look beyond the significant challenges that lie ahead in this undoubtedly complex project — initial funding and stakeholder engagement, vendor selection and delivery adherence, 

  5. Worst Case Soil Selection For Cleaning Validation - What Happens When You Have A Biologic Product?

    When conducting cleaning validation studies at large biologics or biotechnology facilities or perhaps even conducting a small cleaning validation study on a non-dedicated piece of equipment in the same industry; what soil do you choose as your worst case or challenge soiling solution?  Multiply that quandary by making all of the process solutions non-toxic and naturally occurring biologics. By Alfredo Canhoto, Associate Director Technical Solutions Practice, ProPharma Group

  6. How Global Pharma Orgs Can Achieve Process Validation Success

    There are numerous solutions available to ensure effective process validation at sites within a global network. No matter the solution, a comprehensive process validation strategy is necessary.

  7. Keeping It Cool: Protecting Cryopreserved Biological Samples From Degradation

    Degraded samples are common and certainly problematic for investigators. Read more about common causes of degradation as well as agents and systems available to protect against freeze–thaw.

  8. Solid Dose Production Is Bulk Density Dependent

    Perhaps the most popular method for producing solid dosages is tablet manufacturing.

  9. Can The Cloud Prevent Collaboration Failure In Biopharma?

    Working in a cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace provides a level of business agility and security that is not available with server-based, on-premises infrastructure.

  10. Single-Use Continuous Manufacturing: The New Paradigm In Biopharmaceutical Processing

    Two significant trends in biopharmaceutical production are coming together. For years, single-use systems have been gaining traction as a way to make processing of biotherapies more efficient. More recently, the industry has also been eyeing continuous manufacturing options to replace traditional “batch” processing methods — again, with the goal of obtaining greater efficiencies.