Industry Insights

  1. Early CMC Work Sets Groundwork For Regulatory Success

    Understand how the more support and guidance small biopharmaceutical companies receive in terms of CMC expertise, the better groundwork it will lay for a successful IND filing.

  2. How To Avoid 5 LIMS Nightmares

    Analysts have estimated the failure rate of commercial laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to be as high as 60 percent with many of them failing to deliver original customer requirements after lengthy and expensive deployments.

  3. Can Drug Device Manufacturers Achieve Operational Excellence Through A Digital Facility?

    Information gathered in a manufacturing environment equips a facility with the tools to react to issues in real time and respond more quickly to customer requests.

  4. Cybersecurity Enables Intelligent Automation In Pharma

    Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly prominent when it comes to automation. How can and should cybersecurity be handled and what does the future hold?

  5. How Important Is Compaction Dwell Time In Solid Dose Manufacturing

    When developing a new formulation, scientists are equipped with a small scale tablet press to study and understand their product’s tablet-ability.

  6. Pharma Liquid Filling Systems — Comparison And Selection Guide

    Having sold filling lines for all types of liquid pharmaceutical products (hundreds of lines in aggregate), Bosch Packaging Technology is in a unique position to advise on filling system selection.

  7. Simplifying Recombinant Protein Production

    Biologic drugs have great promise, but they are complex and, as a result, are very expensive to manufacture and subject to technical pitfalls. 

  8. 12 Ways To Reduce Data Integrity Risk

    It is important to understand what data integrity really means in order to be compliant. Data integrity refers to the fact that data must be reliable and accurate over its entire lifecycle.

  9. Handling Potent API's With Care And Confidence

    Potent active pharma ingredients require ultra careful handling and containment. ChargePoint highlights the challenges and how they were effectively and safely dealt with for contract developer and manufacturer Fermion at Espoo.

  10. Risk Mitigation In Pharmaceutical Labeling To Avoid Errors

    Analyze some common causes of medical and pharmaceutical spelling errors and what can be done to eradicate them.