Packaging & Product Protection Products & Services

  1. Pharmaceutical Folding Cartons

    Why we are a better choice for folding cartons?

  2. Printed Pharmaceutical Box Services

    For printed boxes and especially for CUSTOM printed boxes, Carton Service has been a leading choice for over ninety years. You will not be able to find the mix of substrates and ink coatings combined with the leadership and teamwork of our associates anywhere else.

  3. Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging

    A new primary and secondary packaging operation started in 1995 with less than 20 people and now employs more than 120 at a new Clinton, TN location. “We chose Tennessee primarily because it is in the corridor between Cincinnati and Atlanta,” said Reid Lederer, President of Pharma Packaging Solutions and Carton Service. “It allows us to better serve our customers with southern operations, especially when it comes to freight costs.” In 2015, Pharma Packaging Solutions moved to a new facility in Clinton, TN gaining 10,000 more square feet in a new state-of-the-art facility. The property is 100% gated and uses the latest security systems. Its flexible footprint allows for maximum efficiency and it complies with all federal and state regulations.

  4. Contract Blister Packaging Services: Drug / Pharmaceuticals

    Our contract packaging capabilities cover both primary and secondary packaging for pharmaceutical manufacturers , which include bottling, blistering, cartoning and compliance packaging.  We also provide different packaging configurations, such as unit dose and kitting.

  5. Pharmaceutical Serialization and Packaging Services

    PPS employs a complete end-to-end serialization solution utilizing software modules, serialization and aggregation equipment on our bottle, blister, and secondary packaging lines.

  6. Pharmaceutical Track and Trace / Serialization Software

    Across the board in all product areas, we see two key drivers of growth: Connected Industry and line competence. The common term is “Internet of Things” – its close relative in manufacturing is Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), which at Bosch is called “Connected Industry” (CI. The far-reaching connectivity of various technology areas aims to make our lives even easier and safer in the future – both in a personal and an industrial context. In manufacturing, this means improving upon how all steps are interlinked in the value chain and ensuring equipment operability and product quality. This is accompanied by substantially more flexibility in manufacturing. Above all, Connected Industry holds the key to improved service. Two examples already implemented are the traceability of products and the remote service. Connectivity of packaging and process equipment offers customers of the pharmaceutical and food industry additional opportunities to assure quality and increase productivity.

  7. Pharmaceutical Containment Systems And Equipment

    For cost-effective implementation of containment requirements Mediseal relies on fast, optimal cleaning of pharmaceutical equipment.

  8. Pharmaceutical Packaging for Small Lot Sizes

    The trend towards small lot sizes has negative effects for the pharmaceutical industry. Up to 30% losses in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are not a rarity.

  9. Blister Packaging Equipment for Parenterals

    The versatility of Mediseal's deep-draw blister machines enables flexible, safe and economical packing of challenging and high-quality parenterals.

  10. Mediseal Cartoner Machines

    For all its primary packaging machines Mediseal offers perfectly matched cartoning machines which have been developed for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The flexible, servo-motor driven P1600 and P3200 cartoning machines make it possible to extend a blister machine, a deep-draw blister machine, a sachet machine or a stickpack machine into a high-performance line. As general-purpose cartoning machines, they handle packaging of vials.