Quality Products & Services

  1. Mass Extraction (Vacuum) Leak Testing Equipment

    ATC's Mass Extraction Technology takes advantage of the Micro-Flow phenomena and gas expansion, which occurs while the test is conducted in a vacuum.

  2. Versa Rx High-Accuracy, High-Rate Checkweigher

    The Thermo Scientific Versa Rx checkweigher provides superior quality to meet the most demanding performance standards.

  3. Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

    Achieve cost-effective, industry-leading sensitivity in the most demanding pharmaceutical applications. The Thermo Scientific APEX 500 Rx Metal Detector offers the highest level of brand protection in the most demanding pharmaceutical environments.

  4. NextGuard X-ray Inspection System

    Find metallic and non-metallic foreign objects using our entry-level X-ray inspection system

  5. Global Versa GP Checkweigher

    A general-purpose precision checkweigher with a cantilever design that scans at line speeds up to 350 packages per minute.

  6. CCIT Solutions For The Pharmaceutical Industry

    The quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs significantly depends on their proper packaging.

  7. Global VersaWeigh™ Checkweigher

    A versatile, scalable, fixed-height checkweigher ideal for products up to 10kg (22 pounds).

  8. Medical Device Leak And Flow Testing

    Our Medical Device Leak And Flow Testing capabilities surpass other existing methods. We offer nondestructive (NDT) leak testing instruments for your flexible and rigid products.

  9. Sentinel 5000 Multiscan Metal Detector

    Multiscan is our new metal detection technology platform. Scan using five frequencies at a time for unmatched sensitivity and the highest probability of detection.

  10. Ultra-Modern X-Ray Inspection System for Detection of Contaminants

    The SC-E model is the perfect entry to the world of ultra-modern X-ray inspection systems and the associated high quality product line of WIPOTEC-OCS.