Containment & Isolation Featured Articles

  1. FAQ's: Regulated Films For Containment Solutions

    At ILC Dover, we are always "creating what’s next" by listening carefully to our customers. In response to customer input and emerging regulations, we've developed a robust new film to support our DoverPac® Containment Solutions line. This revolutionary product, ArmorFlex® 110, delivers permanent static dissipative properties while meeting FDA and 2002/72/EC requirements for food contact.

  2. Article: Test Area Validation And Flexible Containment System Performance: Testing To The SMEPAC 2005 Guidelines

    Article: Test Area Validation And Flexible Containment System Performance: Testing To The SMEPAC 2005 Guidelines

  3. A Novel Design To Contained Transfer Of Drummed Materials Using A Disposable Manufacturing Approach

    The Drum Transfer System (DTS) described in this article has been validated in a variety of processes requiring the contained transfer of drummed materials in pharmaceutical applications. Processing operations described here include milling, subdividing, charging, and repackaging. Submitted by ILC Dover

  4. Flexible Containment Solutions Guide: Mill Containment System - Jet Mills

    The process for this application consists of the controlled feeding of a mill through a feeder. The powder is introduced into the feeder using a drum transfer system.

  5. CMOs Of Potent Products Seek Flexible Containment Systems To Increase Safety And Profitability

    The interest in the use of containment for the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including sensitizers by contract manufacturers and contract research organizations, is expanding. By Alan E. George, ILC Dover

  6. Emerging Gloveless Robotic Technologies In Aseptic Manufacturing For Personalized Cytotoxic Drugs

    The blockbuster-model that was driving the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the last several decades has almost ended. Massive production, large batches, high speed lines have been designed to supply the patients with “multipurpose” small molecules drugs to cover the huge worldwide demand of health for the most common diseases. The next generation drugs will focus on the single patient and bespoke to cover the individual health demand. For instance, biotech products and large molecules are the most promising therapeutic means for treatment of different kinds of cancer. By Sergio Mauri, Manager, BU Integrated Projects, Fedegari Group

  7. Incorporating Lean Principles Into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design

    This article presents a case study based on an international workshop hosted by Novartis Vaccines to prepare guidelines for incorporating lean principles into pharmaceutical quality control laboratory design. By Mike Dockery, Federico Gabardi, Javier Garay, Jim Gazvoda, Luke Kimmel, Pietro Orombelli, Christophe Peytremann, Tom Reynolds, Tanya Scharton-Kersten, Graham Shoel, and Jeanne Sirovatka