Secondary Packaging Featured Articles

  1. Protecting Today’s Biologics With Gelled Phase Change Materials

    As the biologics market continues to grow exponentially, the limitations of today’s thermal packaging utilizing phase change materials could have a considerable impact on the timely delivery of safe and effective medication. Gelled PCM eliminate these limitations and offer a more dependable future for the biopharma industry.

  2. Maximizing Your Packaging Consulting Engineer For Best Results

    If the appearance and performance of your product’s packaging isn’t providing a positive experience for your customer, you may want to consider engaging a packaging consultant to work with your team.

  3. Laser Coding — A Technology Of Choice For The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Has laser coding reached its limits? No. This paper provides evidence and demonstrates that there is still huge potential for laser coding to remain the ideal choice in the pharmaceutical sector.

  4. 5 Benefits Of Item-Level Serialization For Pharma

    Item-level serialization gives each box or bottle of medication its own identity. This can be tracked at every stage of the supply chain – from the production line to the pharmacy and right through to the patient. This enhances the sense of ownership you have with your products, a marker of authenticity that verifies the quality of the contents. Any queries or complaints from pharmacy staff, medical professionals or patients can be traced right back to the individual box.

  5. Simulation Software Enhances Packaging Line Design

    This article explains how affordable and user-friendly simulation software is being used to design energy-efficient and cost-effective packaging processes.

  6. Establishing Best Practice Qualification Metrics For Smart Shipping Containers

    Wernher von Braun, the father of modern rocketry famously stated, “one test is worth a thousand expert opinions.” The FDA has put their own regulatory spin on this axiom: “if you didn’t document it; it didn’t happen.” This extends beyond the drug therapies themselves to the packaging and logistics practices that are used to distribute them; what the FDA refers to as the “holding” of a drug.

  7. Integrating Quality Control Tools Into Print Workflow Automation Solutions

    Artwork must be right the first time and every time. Even a simple mistake has the potential to be catastrophic, resulting in product recalls, fines, write-offs and potential lawsuits.

  8. Save Time And Money By Leveraging Pharma Shipping Regulations

    Life science shippers are losing efficiency and the disconnect between product stability data and shipping specifications causes millions of products to be discarded each year.

  9. Exploiting The Not-So-Best Practices Of The Pharma Supply Chain

    This fictional account details the risks of counterfeit medicines entering the legitimate supply chains and genuine medicines diverted into the gray market.

  10. Custom Design Your Cold Chain Packaging

    Cryopak's team of engineers can work with companies on custom thermal package designs and qualification for shipping in the cold chain environment.