• New U.S And Canadian Facilities Boosting Biologics Capacity

    Biopharma executives have warned they need more biologics development and manufacturing capacities, particularly in North America. They haven’t been howling at the moon. Four announcements – within two days of each other – offer a sign of relief. And Amgen has provided Outsourced Pharma with its first public estimate of costs for one of those facilities.

  • Are You The Future of Pharmaceutical Development?

    Pfizer's Bernie Huyghe and ADC Therapeutics' Michael Mulkerrin get bushwhacked with this question in a public forum. Their open replies will help each one of you to your own personal assessment. Be prepared for some soul searching.

  • Thomas Jefferson Hasn’t A Clue About Drug Development

    Understanding what went before, and the steadfast resolve to get to the future, are invaluable for reaching success in our industry. An illustrative and teaching example of this – including the past and future of outsourcing – is embodied in the people at a “thirty-year-old biotech.” They have little in common with Thomas Jefferson.

  • Are CMOs Sufficiently Serving Biotechs?

    Louis Demers of Xoma knows what he wants in contract development and manufacturing organizations. For example, they should be networked with other service providers, and in mission-critical alignment. Can he get what he wants? Can any outsourcing leader at a biotech today? CMO consolidation may make it more difficult.

  • Pharma Copycats In CMO Acquisition Strategy

    It used to be Pharma swept up emerging companies and their new technologies. Now CMOs do so as well. With Pharma, the technologies might end up on the shelf; not so with CMOs. But what about those emerging companies themselves? "If there are two guys thinking about doing a startup, they should do it,” we’re told.

  • Pharma’s Potemkin Village On The River Of Outsourcing

    Grigory Potemkin was governor of war-ravaged New Russia in 1787. He’s said to have deployed a shiny “mobile village” along the Dnieper River to impress Catherine II (and the world) as she inspected the region from her barge. Were we, too, in the year 2016, deploying polished porticoes to hide a dimmer reality, at our Outsourced Pharma conferences?

  • Pfizer Sets Example For CMOs In M&A Strategy

    “Big CMOs” acquire smaller contract development and manufacturing organizations in the same way as Big Pharma has historically acquired biotechs and smaller drug developers. This allegory resurfaced with Pfizer’s recent asset acquisition of Bind Therapeutics. What better modern-day model for CMOs to emulate? And we’ve just seen the cases of Catalent’s gobbling up Pharmatek, and Piramal lassoing Ash Stevens …

  • Pfizer’s Key Questions For CMO Innovation

    As it turns out, Bernie Huyghe of Pfizer has a flair for interrogative statements. This has served him well as a leader in the biopharmaceuticals and vaccines outsourcing group at the company. It also helped lead a room full of bio/pharma and CMO professionals through the subject of innovation in the external development and supply chain.

  • Pharma’s Super Heroes Of Innovation

    The supply chain is Pharma’s new super hero of innovation. But like any super hero, drug development and manufacturing providers struggle with a dual identity. One is conservative, steadfast, an order-taker. The other – the one Pharma wants today – breaks out into innovation and ingenious solutions. Can CMOs serve Metropolis in both capacities? We’ll find some answers in this sneak preview.

  • Top (Secret) Quality Concerns For Selecting CMOs: How Important Are Records?

    Five experts go undercover to prioritize a secret top-ten list of quality topics for Pharma and Bio sponsors selecting contract development and manufacturing organizations (CMOs). After weeks of discussion, they select a venue full of drug industry sponsors and service providers to unveil their work. They aren’t aware, though, that the audience will have its own stab at the list.


Louis Garguilo

Louis Garguilo is chief editor and conference chair for Outsourced Pharma, and a contributing editor to Life Science Leader magazine. He studied public relations and journalism at Syracuse University (and holds a Master’s in English), and has 30+ years of international experience in business communications and development positions. Louis spent a decade at a global pharmaceutical contract research, development and manufacturing organization; served under the governor of New York in the state’s economic development agency, as liaison to the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry; was chief strategic officer for an e-learning software company; and spent most of the ‘80s and ‘90s in Japan as an educator, author, and business communications consultant, including for the Osaka Medical Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases.