AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counters With Integrated Pump


AeroTrak Remote Particle Counters with Integrated Pump are ideal for use in any GMP-controlled area where continuous particulate and environmental monitoring is required. AeroTrak Remote Particle Counter Models 6310, 6510 and the vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)-resistant 6510-VHP have the features needed for seamless integration.

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Eliminates the need for centralized vacuum system
  • Internal blower has no carbon vanes and low heat gain
  • Standard four 4-20mA analog inputs reduce environmental sensor integration and installation costs
  • Hot-swap optical sensor and pump slide out as a single assembly for fast and easy maintenance, no tools required
  • Sample inlet capping auto-detect automatically stops the blower and prevents accidental damage
  • Model 6510-VHP is resistant to VHP exposure, enabling use where VHP surface disinfection is utilized
  • Easy-to-clean passivated 316L stainless steel enclosure, sample probe and cap, which are resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial Modbus RTU data output enables seamless integration into most software, including TSI’s FMS software

Meets Current GMP Guidelines and International Standards

  • 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate, up to four channels of particle data including 0.5μm and 5μm per EU and US FDA Aseptic Processing Guidelines
  • ISO 21501-4 compliant calibration delivers consistent instrument counting and sizing performance
  • FMS 5 monitoring software integration enables 21 CFR Part 11-compliant data collection

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