News | April 22, 2020

AES Clean Technology Announces May 13th Webinar Titled Conventional Vs. Modular Design Build Cleanroom

Modular cleanrooms have the ability to accelerate speed to patients, reduce project risk through schedule, cost, and qualification issues. Modular cleanrooms also add flexibility and maintain compliance as a result of their materials of construction which enables facility lifecycle value.

In spite of many modular approved facilities and widely accepted methodologies, some medicine manufactures still opt for conventional construction under the false pretense of cost savings. These organizations unknowingly incur risk in project timeline and longevity of their new facility.

In this webinar we will cover:

Education on plant construction differences

  • Conventional, Modular, Container
  • The Design/Build engineering difference

Commercial Process Identification

  • Clinical vs. commercial process alignment
  • Demand vs. supply (capacity)

Conventional, Modular, Container Plant Estimated Timelines

  • Design, construction, qualification
  • Equipment acquisition & qualification
  • Manufacturing site identification parameters
  • Project critical path identification

High Level Cost Estimates

  • Facility design, installation & construction

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Source: AES Clean Technology, Inc.