White Paper

Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal: A Sustainable Process For Packaging Pharmaceutical Liquids

Source: Weiler Engineering, Inc.

By Chuck Reed, Past ISPE Chairman, Packaging COP

Aseptic blow-fill-seal systems for packaging pharmaceutical liquids incorporate materials and process that provide critical advantages for sustainable initiatives.

Sustainability is increasing in importance in all international markets. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception, considering its environmentally taxing processes involving solvents, reagents, water and other agents. Along with sterility assurance, process validation and regulatory compliance, sustainability is becoming a more high-profile component in pharmaceutical processing, and is considered a critical factor in the design of healthcare equipment, products and packaging.

The concept of sustainability has been a topic of interest for many years, and has been more formally discussed and considered since the late 1980’s. Current international focus has led to the development of regulatory guidance in many of the world’s markets.