Blow/Fill/Seal Process

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The ASEP-TECH® System automatically delivers a finished package in five steps

The ASEP-TECH® System automatically delivers a finished package in five steps:

Thermoplastic resin is extruded into a tubular shape called a parison. (Figure a.)

Figure a

When the parison reaches the proper length, the mold is closed and the parison is cut. The bottom of the parison is pinched closed and the top is held in place. The mold is then conveyed to a position under the blowing and filling nozzle. (Figure b.)

Figure b

The blow-fill nozzle is lowered into the parison until it forms a seal with the neck of the mold. The container is formed by blowing sterile filtered compressed air into the parison and expanding it against the walls of the integrally cooled mold cavity. Next, the sterile air is vented from the container and the sterile product is metered into the container through the fill nozzle, which then retracts. (Figure c.)

Figure c

Separate sealing molds close to form the top and hermetically seal the container. (Figure d.)

Figure d

The mold opens, and the formed, filled and sealed container is conveyed out of the machine. (Figure e.)

Figure e

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