cGMP Modular Cleanrooms For Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Source: Germfree
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Discover Germfree’s custom modular radiopharmaceutical manufacturing or compounding cleanroom facility, expertly designed to accommodate a wide range of manufacturing and compounding requirements. This customizable solution caters to the long term capacity needs of radiopharmacies, individual hospitals or entire systems, providing the flexibility and efficiency necessary for today’s demanding healthcare environments.

Trust in Germfree to maintain the highest standards in aseptic compounding, ensuring a safe workspace for handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials. With our exceptional service support, experience a seamless, cost-effective approach to creating the optimal pharmacy operation tailored to your requirements.

  • Compliant to USP<797>/<800>/<825>, ISO Class 7/8 Rooms, ISO 14644
  • Versatile layout options, optimizing workflows
  • High-quality construction, reduces potential for contamination.
  • Lead shielded biosafety cabinets, storage, gowning benches, and 100% stainless steel casework can be included
  • 24/7 hour service support and maintenance for optimal cleanroom performance