Mobile Cleanrooms For Radiopharmaceutical Preparation And Compounding: bioGO®

Source: Germfree
bioGO 53 Mobile Laboratory

bioGO® Mobile cleanrooms for radiopharmaceutical preparation and compounding

Discover Germfree’s custom mobile radiopharmaceutical compounding trailer or single module. These all-in-one facilities seamlessly serve individual hospitals or specialty compounding pharmacies

Rely on Germfree to ensure an ideal aseptic compounding environment for handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials, delivering a swift, cost-effective pathway to a smooth, tailored radiopharmacy operation. Additionally, benefit from our exceptional service support, ensuring uninterrupted performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Germfree has deployed more than 100 cGMP and USP 797 / 800 mobile pharmacy cleanroom facilities globally since 2015
  • Compliant to USP 797 / 800 / 825, ISO Class 7/8 Rooms, ISO 14644
  • Rapid deployment, minimizing downtime
  • Fully integrated equipment including lead-shielded biosafety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, gowning benches, and 100% stainless steel casework can be included
  • 24/7 hour service support and maintenance for optimal cleanroom performance