Article | March 27, 2019

10 Considerations For Balance Stability

Source: Flow Sciences Inc.

By Cameron Faulconer, IH-MESH, Industrial Hygienist / Product Manager


Stability of your weighing balance is paramount when it comes to collecting reliable data for project. As the old adage goes, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”. Depending on the problem, taking obvious action for a seemingly obvious solution may not result in success. The purpose of this paper is to inspire thought and dialogue regarding those “not so obvious” sources of balance stability issues. This piece addresses questions that will hopefully guide one in resolving these pesky head-scratchers such including …

  1. Is the work surface causing instability?
  2. How is data reproducibility affected when weighing operations are conducted inside an enclosure or fume hood?
  3. What can cause vibrational interference?
  4. What are factors that contribute to static interference? What are some control methods you could employ for abatement?