Containment Equipment For Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations

Containment Equipment

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) provide a comprehensive, single-source drug development and commercial manufacturing solution that requires unyielding safety and processing standards. We believe that understanding the importance of our client’s process first is the key to a successful partnership.

The CDMO partnership frequently requires Flow Sciences’ flexibility to solve task specific challenges. We do this by understanding the process, the equipment being used, and the exposure to APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and “potent” compounds that pose a danger to employees that work with these materials. Today, we are discovering that increasingly higher potency and hazardous compounds are helping to produce medicines and high tech products that are needed in this modern, global footprint.

Protection from cross contamination during processing is a significant mandate for CDMOs. Clean work areas that are free from contamination must be provided to protect the product and personnel. Flow Sciences meets and exceeds the engineering challenges posed by the stringent permissible exposure limits that are now extremely low for operator protection and contamination control.

With products ranging from convertible enclosures for different API toxicity levels to enclosures designed for specific tasks and equipment (e.g. Malvern, Mettler, Sympatec, Carver Press), Flow Sciences has the engineering and production capability to provide solutions throughout the entire manufacturing space.