Continuous Monitoring Environmental Sensors

Continuous Monitoring Environmental Sensors

Most Continuous Monitoring Systems, in addition to FMS Software and AeroTrak Remote Particle Counters, include additional environmental sensors and interface devices.  FMS has the capability to interface with almost any environmental sensor from most manufacturers.  And, since FMS is so flexible, we can write additional drivers for your specific application.

Examples of environmental sensors and interface devices that easily tie into TSI’s Facility Monitoring Systems include:

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Air Velocity Probes
  • Differential Pressure Sensors
  • CO2 and other Gas Sensors
  • Alarm Beacons
  • AeroTrak Portable Particle Counters
  • Liquid Particle Counters
  • Autodialers
  • Wireless transmission devices
  • TOC Analyzers
  • Particle Counter Manifolds
  • Flowmeters
  • Valves
  • Door Switches

TSI’s worldwide network of authorized representatives provides local support to ensure that systems are designed, integrated, installed and serviced properly.  Learn today how TSI can help with your unique application.