What Does Free Rinsing Detergent Mean?

Source: Alconox Inc.
Defining Free Rinsing Detergent

Q. What does free rinsing detergent mean?

A. Free rinsing detergent means it will rinse away very easily or freely. It does not mean that you do not have to rinse with water. For example a non-free rinsing cleaner might contain fragrances that were designed to deposit and leave a fresh scent, or it might contain corrosion inhibitors that are designed to deposit and leave behind an anti-corrosion film.

Alconox, Inc, cleaners are free rinsing detergents and do not leave deposits on substrates after rinsing. More information on Alconox cleaners can be found by visiting www.alconox.com. Do you have  a technical cleaning question for our experts? Please fill out the Ask Alconox form.

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