Application Note

Design And Installation Considerations For VHP-Resistant Remote Particle Counters

Source: TSI Incorporated

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sporicidal-gassing decontamination utilizes a free radical reaction to kill microorganisms on surfaces. Free radicals are molecules or atoms that possess an unpaired electron. Electrons do not like to be unpaired and want to steal an electron from another molecule or atom in order to be paired. This means VHP is highly chemically reactive towards other substances, rendering it an extremely effective biocide. Damage as a result of exposure can cause false particle counts, calibration errors or a complete particle counter malfunction. To address the issue, TSI offers a range of VHP resistant remote particle counters with VHP resistant coatings and materials.

This application note details key design considerations when implementing VHP resistant continuous particle counters in critical GMP controlled cleanroom environments.