Die Segment Storage

Die Segment Storage

Natoli Engineering's new heavy-duty die segment storage system makes the storage, transportation, and set-up of die segments easier than ever!

Safely store die segments in these cabinets, with features like:

  • 4 never-go-flat casters, 2 of which are lockable
  • Size adjustable drawers, capable of holding 8 die segments per drawer (see photo on right)
  • An innovative drawer suspension that will never require lubrication
  • Labeling system on each drawer for greater organization

Not only are these cabinets made to safely store die segments, they have also been designed to safely transport them onto the manufacturing floor with features like:

  • Four 900 lb. capacity casters
  • A tubular steel handle for effortless pushing
  • Lockable cabinet drawers, which prevent loose drawers during transportation

After transporting the die segments into the compression room, the cabinet becomes a mobile workstation, with features such as:

  • A top drawer equipped with a non-slip liner, allowing for convenient storage of set-up tools
  • A Black-Diamond Mat top, for easy access of tools during installation and disassembly
  • For greater organization, optional drawer dividers are available

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