Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., is the recognized global leader in tablet press tooling manufacturing. Founded on the uncompromising principle to manufacture and deliver only the highest quality tablet compression tooling, presses and replacement parts at a fair price with exceptional customer service, Natoli has been at the forefront of the tablet compression industry for over 40 years. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, award-winning engineering team and dedicated production crew enables us to offer clients competitive pricing without compromising our high standards of customer service. Trust in Natoli – our staff has the industry knowledge and expertise to understand and meet your exact requirements and requests.


The NP-155 pharmaceutical tablet press is equipped with essential features that were designed and engineered to produce quality tablets at an affordable price. With its double-sided design, the NP-155 pharmaceutical tablet press produces two tablets per press turret cycle, allowing you to double your tablet production while running at standard single-sided rotary press speeds. The NP-155 provides significant versatility for delivering exceptional tablet quality, consistency, and production.

Natoli Engineering’s NP-P20A single-station hydraulic tablet press is a favorite for the production of injectable micropellets and for marginal formulations requiring deep-fill. The NP-P20A meets the FDA’s requirements for batch reporting and secure data management under CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

A global leader in manufacturing, Natoli Engineering Company delivers superior tablet compression tooling. Every punch and die is produced from quarantined steel and tested for hardness and exact chemical composition by stringent quality specifications. 

Natoli’s line of efficient tablet presses combine remarkable tablet production, automation and dependability.

Natoli Has More Than 250,000 Tablet Press Replacement Parts in stock, ready to ship today. We stock everything from die locks, cam tracks and pressure rollers to turrets, feeder assemblies and more. From general needs to custom requests, Natoli quickly processes orders of all sizes and specifications.

Each service visit will include the following:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment inspection (paddle feeder, tachometer, cams, compression rollers, etc.)
  • Turret inspection
  • Additional Operator and Technician Training

For over 25 years Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. has been instructing the pharmaceutical and related industries. We continue our tradition by inviting you to attend our technical training courses.

At Natoli Scientific, we utilize a network of university, consultant, and resident resources to investigate problems and offer our customers unique solutions to their product formulation and tooling requirements.

The NP-RD10A fits on benchtop areas and is constructed with an electro-less nickel frame. Using this tablet press in lab research significantly helps to significantly improve tablet uniformity, reduce trial-and-error, decrease formulation waste, and save valuable time and effort.

This economical tablet press was built to last with direct drive gears to reduce wear and decrease slippage. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, this reliable machine can produce more than 280,000 tablets per hour.

Our NP-400 is a 24/7 workhorse that features built in controls and off-the-shelf electronics. A self-lubricated turret and upper and lower cams reduce maintenance costs and provide longer operation time. The NP-400’s compact design is ideal for tablet manufacturers who need a reliable, efficient press to make up to 3,000 tablets per minute.

The NP-500 Series is a double-sided, single footprint rotary tablet press ideal for high compression ratio products.

Natoli Engineering is quickly becoming the leader in R&D tablet presses with this next-generation rotary tablet press. Designed to help solve formulation and scale-up challenges, the NP-RD30 rotary R&D tablet press replicates the design and functionality of a production press. The turret velocity of the NP-RD30 can reach that of production presses, meaning dwell time can be more accurately established during research and development.

Natoli Quick-Release Tablet Tooling allows researchers to test different dwell times during the tablet R&D process without the expense of buying several different sets of tools or the time needed to change complete sets of tooling or turret speed.

Through our Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts subsidiary, Natoli Engineering manufactures premium change and spare parts for most major brands of pharmaceutical encapsulation or capsule filling machines.

Natoli Engineering now offers AIM™ Data Acquisition & Analytical Software for the Natoli NP-RD10A research and development tablet press. The combination of AIM™ Software and this R&D tablet press enables the researcher to evaluate formulation properties and identify potential tableting issues—including capping, lamination, sticking/picking, and tablet robustness—during the tablet development process. Plus, the software can optimize tablet tensile strength and lubrication for successful large-scale manufacturing production.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. provides high quality tablet compression tooling, presses, parts, accessories, and services to the nutritional/vitamin supplement industry. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we are uniquely qualified to meet your tableting needs.

Natoli Metallurgy, a new division of Natoli Engineering is dedicated to the failure analysis of steels used in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Natoli Metallurgy has the capability to assist your business in the selection, and treatment, of steels to improve the longevity of your tooling.

Natoli's new pharmaceutical digital inspection microscope is a powerful, user-friendly inspection tool capable of capturing photos and video, recording measurements, and visually inspecting tablets and tooling.

Natoli announces availability of three new Technical Posters. These posters are sure to be a valuable addition to your manufacturing, maintenance, and research/design departments.

Ever wanted to know how to set-up your tablet press? Natoli offers their customers basic “how-to videos” on their website and YouTube channel as a means to better understand basic process of tablet manufacturing.

All Natoli turrets manufactured are designed to improve alignment and increase longevity.

With all the necessary tools, Natoli press set-up toolboxes were designed to help you save time when setting up your tablet press.

Natoli Engineering Company offers maintenance kits to assist customers who use punches with rotating heads and/or multi-tip punches.

Natoli Dust Cups and Bellows are made with FDA-approved materials, and are selected to meet specific requirements for stability, wear-resistance, cleaning, and flexibility.

Natoli Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog is packed with hundreds of quality products, helpful tips, and useful information to help companies get the most from their processing equipment.

Natoli offers a wide range of tablet dedusters to suite a variety of needs.

Natoli offers a unique selection of tablet hardness testers.

Clean punches and dies are essential to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your tooling investment, as well as the quality of your product. Ultrasonic cleaning has long been considered the most effective, nondestructive way to clean tools – from medical instruments to tablet tooling.

Natoli’s laser vision system (LVS) punch inspection device is the most powerful and comprehensive tool control and punch inspection device available.

Natoli offers a wide selection of inspection and measurement equipment for tablet compression tooling.

The Natoli polishing station includes all the necessary supplies and features to quickly and accurately rework and polish a variety of tooling.

Natoli offers two complete punch polishing kits, in addition to their wide selection of polishing accessories.

Natoli lubricants are engineered to maximize tool life and minimize maintenance cost by providing superior protection.

Natoli Engineering's new heavy-duty die segment storage system makes the storage, transportation, and set-up of die segments easier than ever!

Tablet manufacturers should not overlook tablet design because it is key to the quality of the end product. Poor quality tablets are often caused by poor tablet design; and poor tablet design is often a result of poor communication.


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