R&D Pharmaceutical Tablet Press: NP-RD30

R&D Pharmaceutical Tablet Press: NP-RD30

Natoli Engineering is quickly becoming the leader in R&D tablet presses with this next-generation rotary tablet press. Designed to help solve formulation and scale-up challenges, the NP-RD30 rotary R&D tablet press replicates the design and functionality of a production press. The turret velocity of the NP-RD30 can reach that of production presses, meaning dwell time can be more accurately established during research and development.

While operators of other rotary R&D tablet presses find it difficult to replicate dwell time, the velocity of the NP-RD30 can reach that of production presses, meaning dwell time can be more easily reproduced. Dwell time based on a 9.5 mm head flat ranges from 91 ms to 9.1 ms, which is shorter than any other rotary R&D tablet press. While designed to meet the needs of research and development teams, the NP-RD30 could be used as a small tablet production press.

The NP-RD30 minimizes tablet defects by allowing researchers to discover potential tableting issues before production begins. It can determine formulation characteristics for successful tableting using minimal APIs, saving costs at the R&D stage. The NP-RD30 also easily replicates the dwell time and functionality of production presses.

The NP-RD30's integrated Natoli AIM Plus data acquisition and analytical software is designed to ease formulation and process development and minimize production during scale-up:

  • Provides tablet press scalability parameters
  • Quickly measures and evaluates tablet formulations and properties
  • Provides projected data from formulation changes
  • Reduces trial and error
  • Evaluates compaction properties of APIs and potential formulations
  • Measures and reports data for tabletability, compactibility, compressibility, and strain rate profiles

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