Quick-Release Pharmaceutical Tablet Tooling

Quick-Release Pharmaceutical Tablet Tooling

Natoli Quick-Release Tablet Tooling allows researchers to test different dwell times during the tablet R&D process without the expense of buying several different sets of tools or the time needed to change complete sets of tooling or turret speed.

Prior to the introduction of Natoli Quick-Release Tooling, researchers had to buy several different sets of tooling with different punch head configurations to change the dwell time on an R&D press. In addition to not having to incur this expense, Natoli Quick-Release Tooling eliminates the time and labor required to remove and replace multiple sets of tooling during R&D.

Natoli Quick-Release Tooling allows R&D teams to evaluate dwell times with respect to both turret speed and head flat profile by quickly and easily changing the punch heads, which are a critical component of dwell time. This permits a much more detailed analysis of a formulation's compressibility as well as greater troubleshooting capacity in the early development stages.

Being able to use different head profiles provides the unique opportunity to determine the ideal dwell time for a given formulation or product. The ability to achieve a specific dwell time is invaluable for continuous manufacturing because as powder is fed at a specific rate, there is little ability to adjust turret speed to achieve the ideal dwell time or resolve related tablet defect issues. By changing the head – which can be done simply by squeezing the tabs on the side of the barrel, removing the head, and snapping a different head into the punch barrel – it is possible to determine the ideal compression profile for a product while keeping the turret speed at the specific requirement relative to powder feed and desired tablet output.

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