Brochure | October 18, 2019

Natoli AIM™ Software

Source: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

Natoli AIM™ Software is a powerful, industry-leading data acquisition and analysis or operating system platform that simplifies tablet and capsule R&D and production. The flexible Natoli AIM™ platform is featured on Natoli R&D and production tablet presses and can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses, encapsulation machines, roller compactors, and high-shear granulators.

Natoli AIM™ Software provides a single software platform for your entire research lab or production facility and makes creating and storing data reports fast and easy.

One universal platform saves time and money from R&D to production. Use the power of technology to solve R&D issues with ease and produce high-quality tablets and more!

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.