Control Software For Production Tablet Presses: AIM™ Pro Plus


AIM™ Pro Plus Control System Makes Tablet Production Easy
The Natoli AIM™ Pro Plus control system is a flexible software and hardware architecture that is standard on Natoli production tablet presses. This industry-leading package can be retrofitted to almost any production tablet press to increase production, improve tablet consistency, and provide an easier-to-manage production environment.

The Natoli AIM™ Pro Plus software platform provides an intuitive operating interface in a single, integrated system environment. Interactive display modes and user-friendly graphics provide the necessary production, compression, positional, and speed data in real time. This real-time data allows you to better manage tablet quality and consistency and improve production levels. Variable operator access levels and password protection enhance security.

The main screen displays important press parameters in an easy-to-read graphical format. To allow for quick resolution of tableting issues, operators can access compression data station-by-station for the current and previous three turret revolutions. In addition, the AIM™ Pro Plus Management Console allows all critical production, tableting data, and reporting to be accessed remotely from additional PCs on the same network.

All key information is displayed on a customizable dashboard during tablet production, so you receive an immediate overview of all production parameters and data. The AIM™ Pro Plus Maintenance Console controls critical maintenance and lubrication cycles to minimize downtime and reduce premature part wear.

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