Tablet Hardness Testers

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Tablet Hardness Testers

Natoli offers a unique selection of tablet hardness testers.

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A stainless steel handheld hardness tester is used by the press operator to perform spot checks of tablet density during initial set up and production runs. A portable hardness tester is perfect for use in the laboratory OR in manufacturing areas. This small instrument measures the fracturing/breaking point of tablets ranging from a minimum of 2 mm to a maximum size of 28 mm with a hardness range up to 500 Newtons. 

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A tabletop tablet hardness and thickness tester is a simple-to-use machine that accurately calculates the hardness and thickness of solid dosage forms. With a touchscreen display and ability to sample up to 250 tablets per test, the Natoli 3 in. Tabtest Stainless Steel Hardness Tester is a must-have!

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