NP-500 Rotary Tablet Press


The NP-500 Series is a double-sided, single footprint rotary tablet press ideal for high compression ratio products.

Designed to compress tablets requiring extra fill and extended dwell time, the NP-500 is a heavy-duty machine with unsurpassed technical support and replacement part availability. With a 135% larger head flat diameter than standard "B" tooling, and a 70% larger head flat diameter than standard "D" tooling, compression dwell time is dramatically increased. The increased die height provides 100% more fill than the standard "B" die and 69% more fill than the standard "D" die. Manufactured in the U.S.A., the NP-500 Series is available in semi-automatic and automatic models.

Benefits and Features:

  • Extend compression dwell time
  • Increase tablet size and weight
  • Manufacture precise, consistent and accurate tablets
  • Enhanced hopper design improves granulation control
  • Monitoring and alarms detect, show and verify press status
  • Receive unsurpassed worldwide technical support
  • Lower maintenance servicing cost
  • Automatic operator interface
  • Optional internal cooling system


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