TM-II LVS Punch Inspection Device


Natoli’s laser vision system (LVS) punch inspection device is the most powerful and comprehensive tool control and punch inspection device available.

The Laser Vision System (LVS) automatically measures the critical; dimensions of a punch: working length, cup depth, and overall length. Plus it is fully integrated with the TM-II application software. The LVS camera can be used to capture digital images of the punch and store them with the punch measurements in the TM-II database. Click here to download brochure.

The Tool Management (TM-II) application software helps tablet manufacturers improve product quality and consistency, eliminate waste and ensure compliance with cGMP record-keeping requirements. TM-II assists users in effectively managing their tooling in many ways including: tool matching, tool storage, tool inspection, tolerance reporting, monitoring tool usage, identifying tool location, maintaining tool drawing files, printing reports, efficiently creating purchase orders for additional or replacement tool sets, and more. The TM-II places comprehensive tool management and inspection information at your fingertips, resulting in better tablet quality and reduced press downtime. Click here to download brochure, or click here to download a trial-version of the software.

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