Pharmaceutical Metallurgical Services

Natoli Metallurgy

Natoli Metallurgy, a new division of Natoli Engineering is dedicated to the failure analysis of steels used in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Natoli Metallurgy has the capability to assist your business in the selection, and treatment, of steels to improve the longevity of your tooling.

Natoli Metallurgy Overview
Combining metallurgy and metallurgical failure analysis with Natoli's expertise as the world's premier manufacturer of tablet compression tooling, provides the pharmaceutical industry with the first and only focused resource to analyze and resolve tooling issues. Regardless of tool supplier, Natoli Metallurgy has the capability to analyze material chemistry, coatings, and to troubleshoot tool failure in tool steels and stainless steels.

Natoli Metallurgy has the ability to troubleshoot untimely tooling issues, such as wear, tool breakage, corrosion, and fatigue. The analysis of tool failure can yield a wealth of information, including a better understanding as to the root cause., and the opportunity to reassess the steel type being used. When failures occur, Natoli Metallurgy is ready to assist you in determining the proper course of action needed to help you improve your process and increase your profit.

Failure Analysis
Wear testing is an additional service offered by Natoli Metallurgy. This service produces measurable results by validating material selection and wear coatings. Having the ability to test several different steels and coatings, prior to purchase, will help you make a more informed and cost effective decision. The wear test method used is ASTM G-65A, and can be used to qualitatively rank materials using the ASTM standard sand or using customer supplied powder formulation.

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