How-To Video: Shaped Tooling Installation & Tablet Press Setup

Natoli’s video demonstrates how to install shaped tooling and press set up for the NP-500 rotary tablet press.  This video gives thorough step-by-step instructions how to setup the tablet press.  Natoli's NP–500 Series is a double-sided, rotary tablet press that is designed to compress tablets requiring extra fill and extended dwell time.

This video is an overview for installing shaped-tooling installation which includes oval, capsule, square or any other non-round shaped tooling. First make sure all punch guides are clean. Next remove debris out of the dye pocket.  Insert the dye into the dye insertion ring, place it into dye pocket.  Then check the alignment with the upper punch to verify the punch tip is entering the dye smoothly, and when aligned properly secure the dye with a dye lock. Then install the lower punch and upper punch by lubricating the punches and inserting them into the appropriate punch guide and then tighten with a punch retainer. 

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.