Single-Station Hydraulic Pharmaceutical Tablet Press: NP-P20A


Natoli Engineering’s NP-P20A single-station hydraulic tablet press is a favorite for the production of injectable micropellets and for marginal formulations requiring deep-fill. The NP-P20A meets the FDA’s requirements for batch reporting and secure data management under CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

Press Features:

  • Natoli AIM™ ProPlus control system software
  • Easy-to-use menu-driven operation
  • Intuitive 12″ HMI touchscreen
  • Mobile press with four casters
  • Utilizes standard TSM and EU B, D, core rod, deep-fill, and multi-tip tooling. Tooling can be keyed or not keyed
  • Programmable parameters for pre- and main compression force control
  • Completely enclosed guard system
  • Autodosing feature adjusts dosing to maintain compression force with product granulation density changes
  • Automatic ejection

Optional Features:

  • Deep-fill B and D tooling option increases B or D tooling maximum depth of fill from 12.7 mm to 34.9 mm using special deep-fill tooling
  • Core rod B and D tooling
  • Large tablets with a major axis up to 50 mm can be produced in standard and unique shapes

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.