Dual Chamber Pharmaceutical Filling Systems

Source: Dec Group
Dec Group

Traditional vials, ampoules, and cartridges are still the most popular delivery systems and the prefilled syringes are still experiencing the greatest growth in the market of any parenteral dosage form. Therefore, to advance the development program appropriately, pharmaceutical R&D scientists should effectively leverage the advantages offered by each form of packaging and dosage.

A shift towards patient-centric administration of personalized medicines indicates new developments and trends towards new dosage forms such as Dual Chamber Filling technology.

This all in one type of dosage form makes precise and simple administration of medication possible. With this patient-friendly system, whether or not combined with an auto-injector device, the manufacturer can have a unique product differentiator.

What are the advantages of newer dosage forms DCFV?

  • Self-administration
  • Safe, predefined personalized dosage form
  • Sustainable; less waste of active ingredient

As this is a variation on the traditional filling technology, the project approach for the technology development of equipment, containment and integration for pharma production sites is equal.

Differentiation in positioning, selecting and integrating the various modules for the complete production phase is based upon the unique requirements of the production site team

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