Fluid Transfer Solutions


Customized fluid transfer solutions
Fluid transfer systems can consist of numerous components that all need to be sourced, purchased, inventoried, and assembled. Bring your bioproduction processes together seamlessly with an extensive range of standard and customized fluid transfer products, including reliable and leakproof* Thermo Scientific Nalgene fluid transfer tubing and assemblies and our Thermo Scientific standard line of fluid transfer assemblies which connect to a variety of BioProcess Containers (BPCs).

Available custom solutions and standard offerings

Customized solutions

We understand no two processes are exactly the same. That is why we offer customized fluid transfer solutions, designed specifically for the unique needs of your process. From simple tubing sets to complex manifold systems, we work with you to understand your requirements, then design systems and deliver solutions to meet those needs.

Risk mitigation enables

  • Reduce risk of loss of sterility failure
  • Save sterilization costs
  • Reduce cost and effort to maintain sterility validation
  • Reduce risk of operator-induced variation

“Lean” solutions

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce handling
  • Improve process flow
  • Optimize valuable clean room space usage
  • Save on labor—allow your operators to focus on your critical processes instead of tubing
  • Simplify the supply chain—“One purchase order, one supplier”

Standard offerings

One set of stocked products for most upstream and downstream process operations.

Our standard fluid transfer assemblies allow you to reduce the number of customized stock keeping units (SKUs), helping to save costs, simplifying the product ordering process, and helping to reduce your product storage requirements.

Connect to our catalog BPCs, single-use mixers, fermentors, and bioreactors

Use our inter-connectable standard single-use products for most of your process needs, including:

  • Media and supplement preparation and storage
  • Bioreactor or fermentor feed
  • Bioreactor or fermentor harvest and storage
  • Purification buffer preparation
  • Waste collection
  • Bulk drug storage and transport
  • Sample collection from bioreactors or fermentors
  • Culture media preparation and storage
  • Process liquid preparation and storage
  • Chromatography feed and fraction collection