Freeze Drying Loading And Unloading Systems

Source: Dec Group
Vials Pharma Manufacturing

Lyophilization processes require quality design and high performance containment systems. Dec also offers automated solutions for loading and unloading freeze-drying systems.

With our modular design approach and in-depth knowledge, we offer fixed or flexible loading solutions for any pharmaceutical freeze dryer or lyophilizer including appropriate containment and handling equipment.​

The modular equipment range includes manual systems, semi-automatic as well as fully automated loading and unloading solutions.

These systems are designed for efficient vial transport from the aseptic liquid filling line to the lyophilizer and further to the capper.

Our equipment is designed to minimize contamination risks and developed to withstand all conditions associated with pharmaceutical lyophilization, including vacuum, low and high temperatures.​

Unique features and benefits

  • Quality design for any grade aseptic environment
  • Smart compact design to increase cleanroom efficiency
  • Reduction of operator interaction in (ISO 5) primary production processes
  • Efficiency and cost reduction in the validation phase applying the design verification standard
  • From standard to custom solutions for any pharmaceutical lyophilizer
  • Turnkey, fully integrated solutions

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