News | September 21, 2010

From The Editor: Techceuticals Teaches Solid-Dose

By Lori Clapper, Web Editor

Last Wednesday I visited Federal Equipment Company in Cleveland, OH to attend a day of seminars on solid-dose manufacturing given by Techceuticals. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a scientist, so this was definitely a crash course for me! Thankfully, Mike and Carol Tousey, as well as Peter Freese gave a presentation that was both informational and easy to understand. Since the seminars were held in the center of one of Federal Equipment's eight warehouses, we also saw and experienced the equipment in action. From learning about grinding and blending, to hearing interesting stories about quality control, their expertise spoke volumes and brought valuable insight to everyone who attended.

Of the attendees at the event, there were many representatives from large industry players such as Pfizer, Glatt, Amneal, and Boehringer-Ingelheim, each with their own reasons for attending. For instance, Dominic DeMaria from Fluid Air came for the learning experience. He shared that he "wanted to learn more about pharmaceutical equipment — from the tablet press to fluid beds and filling and how it all fits together." William Carr, Director of Global Sourcing for Pfizer Global R&D, has many years of industry experience and looked at the trip as a networking opportunity with clients. He explained that Pfizer currently has equipment on consignment with Federal Equipment, but his company is more frequently "becoming a buyer of used equipment to lower capital programs." That was a common theme I heard while speaking with various attendees.

"Major manufacturers that in that past would never look at used equipment are now looking at it as a viable option," explained Adam Covitt, VP of Federal Equipment. "Many now have mandates to look at used equipment first."

Covitt thought this event was a valuable learning opportunity for everyone, but also a chance to see, first hand, just what Federal has to offer.

If you would like to know more about Federal Equipment, click here. And be watching for my video interview with Adam Covitt.