Granulation Technology Training Courses For The Pharmaceutical Industry


Granulation Technologies is a two-and-a-half-day training event focused on various granulation methods used in the pharmaceutical industry to create uniform, high-quality granules for tablet and capsule production.

We will cover the entire process, from raw material preparation to the final granulation step, including cleaning, setting up equipment, and running multiple batches using different techniques. Hands-on breakout sessions will be a crucial part of this course, providing participants with practical experience.

Participants will quickly understand the processes used to manufacture granules and be able to enter any pharmaceutical or supplement company, understanding the equipment and manufacturing pathways.

Topics Include:

  • Raw Material Preparation and Handling
  • Wet Granulation Techniques and Equipment
  • Dry Granulation Techniques and Equipment
  • Fluid Bed Granulation Techniques and Equipment
  • Quality Control and Troubleshooting Granulation Issues
  • Optimizing Granulation Processes for Improved Efficiency
  • Summary / Q&A

Course Information:

At the end of the course, each participant will be provided with a detailed course manual and a personalized training certificate.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating domain of granulation, a crucial process in the pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing industry. Acquire in-depth knowledge of various granulation methods, equipment, and process parameters. Learn about the critical quality attributes, scale-up considerations, and process optimization strategies to achieve consistent and high-quality granules. This course combines theoretical foundations with practical experience, empowering you to become an expert in granulation and drive continuous improvement in your manufacturing operations.