Newsletter | July 5, 2024

07.05.24 -- How Generative AI Could Change Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Annex 21 — Are We On Track And Is There An Impact?

What does Annex 21 entail? What makes the process of meeting the requirements so complex and time-consuming? And has Annex 21 inadvertently created additional barriers to supply?

Optimizing Cleaning And Disinfection As Part Of An Effective CCS

Watch to explore the relationship between a contamination control strategy (CCS) and the development of a robust cleaning and disinfection program for cleanroom environments.

Embrace Quality Risk Management To Build A Strong Quality Culture

Using QRM allows a company to maintain compliance while also identifying product issues that could be harmful to the consumers, some being susceptible patients.

Creating Sustainable Data In The Laboratory

In a laboratory setting, data is everywhere. Learn in-depth about data challenges, the importance of data lifecycle management in laboratories, and the need for data sustainability.

Q&A Interview: Navigating The Launch Of ATMPs In Europe

Dive into this overview of the evolving regulatory landscape and better understand the importance of proactive planning, collaboration, and expert guidance in navigating the ATMPs ecosystem in Europe.

Building A Broad Oncology Portfolio With SOTIO CEO Dr. Radek Špíšek

Establishing an organization that can manage a diverse development pipeline for oncology therapies requires an equally diverse wealth of expertise.

Stepping Into The Digital Era: Reasons To Implement Digital Solutions

Explore how many organizations have not fully utilized digital and analytics tools, leading to inefficiencies in data management and delays in delivering therapeutics to market.

Innovative Leak Testing Of Pharmaceutical Blister Packages

Learn how to obtain highly sensitive, quantitative measurements in real-time without specific tracer gases.

Optimizing The Path To First-In-Human Clinical Trials: Design And De-Risk

Explore the ways to design and de-risk molecules, streamlining the path to GMP manufacturing and clinical trials, and case studies that provide insight into key activities.


How Generative AI Could Change Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Despite the hype, pharma has been slow to integrate artificial intelligence. Other industries have shown how it adds value by simplifying tedious tasks.


HDB-II Pinhole Inspector For Glass Vials And Ampoules

Global Advantage With Free Trade Zones In China

Used 125 Liter Lee Tri-Mixer Turbo Shear Triple Shaft Reactor

Cleaning Detergent: Low-Foaming, High-Alkaline Liquid

Connectors For Simpliļ¬ed System Integration And Minimized Operator Risk

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