HyPerforma G3Lab Bioprocess Controller

HyPerforma G3Lab Bioprocess Controller

Reliable Process Control
The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ G3Lab™ Controller can control most brands of single-use or autoclavable bioreactors or fermentors that are ≤50 L, including stirred- tank and rocking models. The controller operates using Thermo Scientific™ TruBio™ software, which provides easy process scale-up or scale-down and the configurability to modify your control strategy along with your process. The enclosure contains state-of-the-art transmitters along with power supplies, pumps, input/output (I/O) modules, and the hardware required to connect to the control network, providing maximum control capability.

HyPerforma G3Lab Controller Key Features

  • Open-architecture capabilities to integrate with vessels from other suppliers (Sartorius, Eppendorf, Millipore, and Applikon)
  • Optional redundant controller for improved reliability
  • A common control platform throughout a product's life cycle
  • Flexible upstream TruBio software powered by the Emerson™ DeltaV™ system
  • Nonproprietary, industry-standard, cGMP-validated (requires validation package) DCS that provides networked multiple-vessel control capability
  • Built-in calibration
  • The ability to build and manage complex, multifeed dosing strategies that provide for third-party peripheral integration as needed

HyPerforma G3Lab Controller Accessories

TruFlow gas mass flow controller (MFC)
The Thermo Scientific™ TruFlow™ gas MFC is designed to work with all of the HyPerforma control systems. Its compact assembly provides up to six standard mass flow controllers and three associated solenoid valves. When connected, the TruFlow gas MFC is instantly recognized by TruBio software to provide precise control of gas flow, without requiring any configuration, even at extremely low flow rates.

  • Variety of flow rate options
  • Flow range configurability 
  • Plug-and-play connectivity

TruBio upstream software
TruBio configurable upstream software provides easy-to-use process control. It can be configured by the user through its visual interface, eliminating the need to learn automation control programming. TruBio software is powered by the Emerson DeltaV system, has been developed according to GAMP™ 5 methods, and conforms to regulatory requirements for use in cGMP-compliant processes. Developed for use with HyPerforma controllers, TruBio software is designed to support easy scaling and technology transfer and allow the ability to build sophisticated process control strategies. It also provides the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of cell culture, fermentor, or mixing vessels, and manage multiple data streams from several unit operations.

TruDO and TrupH sterilizable sensors
We provide reusable sensors with high reliability and superior performance for cell culture and fermentation process monitoring. Thermo Scientific™ TruDO™ and TrupH™ sensors have been specifically designed to minimize drift in bioprocess environments, undergo sterilization cycles, and help ensure measurement consistency from batch to batch. We also provide material certificates and lot traceability for cGMP applications.

pH+dO2 single-use sensor and reader
The Thermo Scientific™ pH+dO2 Sensor contains single-use sensors for dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and temperature, in a compact assembly that is welded securely into a Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Benchtop Bioreactor and Rocker Bioreactor.

  • USP Class 6 compliant, free of animal-derived components
  • Leverages TruFluor™ pH and DO sensor technology in a compact, precalibrated assembly
  • Incorporates TruFluor 316L stainless steel thermal window for highly accurate readings