White Paper

Improving Uptime In Aseptic Processing Of Pharmaceutical Liquids

Source: Weiler Engineering, Inc.

By Chuck Reed, Past ISPE Chairman, Packaging COP


Maximized uptime, minimized changeover time, and efficient OEE are key factors that have influenced the acceptance of aseptic blow-fill-seal in the packaging of pharmaceutical liquids.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, for many years, have experienced exceptional growth with the development of new drugs and the marketing of these products, but pharmaceutical manufacturing processes have historically lagged behind in efficiency compared with those of other consumer products industries. Within the past decade, however, responding to changes in consumer purchasing such as the influence of the Internet, stiffer guidelines from FDA and other regulatory agencies, and significantly increased costs to bring new drugs to market, drug companies have had to take a closer look at their manufacturing processes to make them more efficient, and to stay competitive.