Integrated Glovebox And Hybrid Isolator For HPAPI Processing

Integrated Glovebox and Hybrid Isolator

Integrated Glovebox and Hybrid Isolator for HPAPI Processing designed to provide personnel protection while working with powder substances.

The glovebox (right side of the system) features include polypropylene superstructure, right side pass through port, acrylic viewing panels, front door with gas springs, thimble, magnahelic pressure gauge, minihelic pressure gauge, FS1650 velocity alarm, go/no go red and green signal light, LED lighting, 4x 10” oval glove ports, top mount fan with bag-in/bag-out 99.99% heap filters, and a custom stainless steel table. Acrylic viewing panels and LED lighting maximize lighting across the workspace.

The Hybrid Isolator (left side of the system shown without glove draft shield) features and acrylic superstructure, right side pass through, acrylic viewing panels, thimble, LED lighting, removable draftshield with 8” oval glove ports, integrated alarm, minihelic gauge, black phenolic base, and top mount fan with bag-in/bag-out dual heap filters, 2x continuous liner ports, and a stainless steel table. Acrylic viewing panels and LED lighting maximize lighting across the workspace.


SAFETY.  The Glovebox Workstation series provides containment for highly toxic applications using APIs that need more safety than an opened face enclosure. FSI engineering controls are built in to prevent loss of containment. Third Party testing has proven containment on these units to below 50 ng/m³ based on process and quantity.

DESIGN.  Designed as the next step in containment above the FSI Hybrid Isolator, this unit is able to effectively contain using HEPA clean air inlet and HEPA air out. This creates laminar airflow across the interior. The Glovebox Workstation is equipped with dual 4” thick HEPA filters that can be recirculated into the lab or sent directly to house exhaust.

ISO 5 INTERIOR CLEANLINESS. The HEPA inlet provides the interior with a laminar airflow. This HEPA clean environment meets or exceeds ISO 5 for clean processing of work while protecting operators from exposure.

FRONT LIFT DOOR.  The glove ports sit in a front lift door that opens vertically to effectively load and unload equipment. This door is hinged for ease of use.

PHENOLIC BASE.  The chemically resistant phenolic base is dished to maintain spills and protects the work surface from harmful chemicals.

INTERNAL LED LIGHT.  This enclosure features an internal LED light for improved visibility inside of the enclosure and can be adjusted directly on to the application. This light comes standard with every Glovebox Workstation Enclosure.

STANDARD SIZES.  The Glovebox Workstation series is available in 4, 5, and 6 foot standard width options. Customs are available.