From The Editor | September 11, 2015

Keeping Current With The Cold Chain

ken congdon

By Ken Congdon

Keeping Current With The Cold Chain

Most life sciences products today have sophisticated temperature control and handling requirements. As the industry faces increased global regulatory pressures, temperature control costs will undoubtedly rise and pharmaceutical manufacturers will need to constantly re-evaluate their best practices and supply chain partnerships. Today’s drugmaker needs to strike the right balance between compliance, risk, and cost when it comes to temperature management logistics.

The 13th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum (or Cold Chain Global Forum for short) provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals focused on supply chain, logistics, and quality control with a forum in which to learn about the trends and technologies shaping the modern cold chain. More than 800 attendees, 100 speakers, and 120 exhibitors are expected to attend this event at the Seaport Boston Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center October 5-9 — all with the collective purpose of sharing actionable and cost-effective strategies for ensuring pharmaceutical product integrity using the latest cold chain processes and innovations.

4 Key Reasons To Attend The Cold Chain Global Forum

The 2015 Cold Chain Global Forum program is loaded with unparalleled educational and networking opportunities. However, the following event highlights are the top reasons I’ll be attending this year.

  1. World-Class Cold Chain Expertise — The 13th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum has assembled an extraordinary slate of speakers this year. These presenters are some of the leading minds in temperature control and logistics in the field of life sciences and represent industry giants such as Novartis, Eli Lilly, Genentech, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  2. GDP Compliance Updates — Global GDP requirements and guidelines are continually evolving, so exposure to the latest updates is crucial to ensure compliance. Many of the educational sessions at the Cold Chain Global Forum focus on this very important topic. In fact, day one of the main conference features a series of interactive GDP roundtable discussions geared toward educating attendees on the impact these updates will have on their organizational responsibilities.
  3. The Latest Technologies On Display — The Cold Chain Global Forum gathers the premier temperature control solutions providers together under one roof. The Exhibit Hall promises to be a showcase for the latest cold chain innovations. In addition, a technology theater will be located directly on the exhibit floor this year. This theater will serve as a venue for several cold chain product presentations throughout the event.
  4. Data Management Best Practices — Big data seems to be touching every corner of healthcare and life sciences, and the cold chain is not immune. Data is influencing how decisions in temperature-controlled logistics are being made. At this year’s conference, presenters will focus on how to take proactive steps towards mining quality data for analysis and how to export temperature data for use in developing risk-based profiles. Statistical methods of analyzing time-temperature data will also be shared.