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Ken Congdon


Ken Congdon (@Ken_Congdon) Ken is a seasoned journalist with more than a decade of experience covering business information technology. He is also a thought leader in the health IT space – speaking at industry conferences including HIMSS and the Panasonic Healthcare Symposium.


  • The California Drought's Impact On Pharma

    Drought conditions are making it increasingly difficult for pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure the proper wastewater permits in The Golden State.

  • The Evolution Of A Cold Chain Conference

    The Cold Chain Global Forum has grown from a niche conference to the life science industry's leading temperature-controlled event.

  • Performance-Based Pricing Poised To Hit Pharma

    Many call for transparency to combat high drug costs, but outcomes-based pricing is a more realistic solution.  

  • FBI Insights On Counterfeit Drug Prevention

    A former FBI agent shares his tips for protecting your products from counterfeit activity.

  • Key Trends, Cross Pollination Drive Pharma EXPO

    Pharma EXPO is right around the corner. Discover the key industry trends that directly influenced this year’s conference program and how the event provides a unique opportunity for pharmaceutical professionals to learn from other industries.

  • Pharma Needs A Medication Adherence Game Plan

    Medication nonadherence is a disturbing trend that has a negative effect on patient wellness, hospital costs, and pharmaceutical manufacturer revenue. Drugmakers need to drive improvements in this area and big data, sensor technology, and a new approach to marketing can help.

  • Keeping Current With The Cold Chain

    Meeting the temperature-control needs today’s life science products requires manufacturers to balance regulatory compliance with quality and cost. Discover how the 13th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum can provide you with the insight necessary to succeed.

  • 3 Can't-Miss Sessions At Pharma EXPO 2015

    Pharma EXPO 2015 offers several educational opportunities to choose from, but these three sessions alone could be worth the trip to Vegas.

  • Shaping The Emerging Biosimilars Landscape

    The emergence of biosimilars in the U.S. will  undoubtedly have a marked impact on the pharmaceutical industry, but the market is young and malleable. Pharmaceutical manufacturers currently have a unique opportunity to shape perceptions and use of biosimilars among healthcare providers and their patients.

  • “Perfect Storm” Demands A Pharma Supply Chain Overhaul

    According to some pharmaceutical industry experts, a pending explosion in biologics coupled with universally inflexible supply chains are creating a perfect storm that demands and overhaul in order to meet demand. Here’s what you can do today.