Lateral Flow API Weighing and Dispensing Enclosure

Lateral Flow API Weighing and Dispensing Enclosure

Lateral Flow API Weighing and Dispensing Enclosure designed to provide personnel and product protection when weighing 0.5 kilograms (kg) of API powder.

Features a polypropylene superstructure, two gloveports for isolated manipulation, and right-side inlet HEPA filtration which facilitates lateral airflow across the workspace. A laminar channel of air traverses horizontally across workspace, preventing unwanted loss of product. Accommodates optimal space for two 9”x12” analytical balances. Workspace is coated in black phenolic for precision/accuracy of mass measurements and is dished to contain spills.

Hinged front door allows the user to load equipment and unload equipment post-decontamination. Bottom-mounted Ezi-Dock charging system (not shown in photo) for easy loading and unloading of powdered product. 4” diameter port with filling funnel integrated into enclosure base for added efficiency when charging and discharging product.

Enclosure features include:

  • LED Lighting Switch located above front door for optimal viewing of the workspace
  • Top-Mounted fan/filter housing with Dual-HEPA filtration with Bag-In-Bag-Out (BIBO) system for safe replacement of primary filter
  • Integrated airflow velocity alarm alerts the user when face velocity is below the setpoint calibrated by the certifier

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