Low Humidity Dispensing Enclosure for Solvents and Solids

Ultra-Low Humidity Dispensing Enclosure for Solvents and Solids

Ultra-Low Humidity Dispensing Enclosure for Solvents and Solids designed to provide product protection during solvent and solid dispensing operations which require an ultra-low humidity contained environment. Enclosure features acrylic superstructure coated with static-dissipative coating.

Automatic purging cycle governed by an FS1501 Flow Controller maintains the internal RH% measurement programmed by the user. 12” cubic pass-thru chamber on left side allows for loading of equipment and product; outer access door facilitates loading of equipment and product into pass-thru chamber and inner access door allows for insertion of equipment/product into the enclosure.

Relative Humidity Sensor Flange on rear of unit allows for calculation of RH% using humidity differential measurement between ambient (surrounding) environment and enclosure interior.

Additional features include:

  • 3/8” National Pipe Thread Fuel thru wall coupling, which functions as the outlet for purged air
  • 0-1.0” differential pressure gauge for real-time display of pressure differential between ambient (surrounding) environment and enclosure interior
  • Over-pressure valve with Flow Sciences 2081MS Thimble Connection functions to maintain specified internal RH% parameter through diffusion of makeup air
  • Roxtec cable pass-thru on rear of unit facilitates entry/egress of equipment cords and cables
  • Dual 120V outlet allows for electrical connections; universal power cord included


External Width: 74.16”
External Depth: 32.75”
Internal Height: 41.15”

FSI Category 7-8

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