Case Study

Manufacturer Finds Solution For Transporting HPAPI Product with Containment

Source: Flow Sciences Inc.

By Cameron Faulconer

Flow Sciences

The purpose of this document is to serve as a case study where a containment device was designed to facilitate “interim containment”, or containment during the portion of a process where the product isn’t inside the enclosure. Rather, the product is intermittently contained between Point A (enclosure) and Point B (another enclosure or otherwise contained atmosphere). In this scenario, Flow Sciences designed an enclosure featuring a Getinge La Calhene DPTE® Alpha Rapid Transfer Port (RTP).

Background information regarding the client’s process and equipment is provided; particularly, how this information affected the decision-making process leading up to the engineering design of the enclosure. This includes a discussion on engineering decisions and development of design, level of containment, verification testing, and an explanation of how the Getinge La Calhene Alpha RTP combines with a transport capsule to yield leak-free containment during transport.