Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) For Drug Manufacturing


A traditional MES is too complex. Our solution is disrupting the market with a modern, cloud-based alternative that is fast to deploy, simple to configure, easy to use, and cost-effective to roll out across all your lines and sites.

Production Planning

Plan and organize your manufacturing projects with the right tools to ensure your teams are effective and improve production accuracy.

  • Easily manage product variations and recipes, substitutions, and change control.
  • Automate materials and work order data between production records and an ERP.
  • Quickly author, launch, and manage configurable production record templates.
  • Link SOPs and work instructions to ensure the correct versions are always used.

Quality Control and Assurance

Ensure quality at every step of production. Automatically assess risk and launch quality events directly from the production line without slowing production.

  • Enforce in-line quality assurance and operator training compliance.
  • Automate and easily manage QC sampling/testing and QEM via LIMS.
  • Automate equipment calibration and maintenance processes, including scheduling.
  • Accelerate production record review and approval with review-by-exception.

Master Record Management

Significantly reduce time spent building master record templates, and automate version change control. Master your digital information management.

  • Easily create configurable, flexible templates for production records in a digital system.
  • Leverage global elements, templates, and a product family tool to manage recipes and variants.
  • Automatically track and store all relevant records electronically with a compliant audit trail.